User Gallery

A collection of art created by users of the Camera Lucida iPhone app.

All images are owned by the original artist and used with permission.

Chelsea Fullmer

Chelsea Fullmer, Sugar Artist Instagram

Emiel Sweevers

Emiel Sweevers, Motivated Hobbyist

Phil Kennedy

Phil Kennedy, Professional Artist Facebook Page

Lorna Hancock

Lorna Hancock, Novice Painter

Cindy Carlson

Cindy Carlson, Advancing Intermediate Artist. Uses the app to help lay out her paintings.

Diane Wilson

The multi-faceted artist Diane Wilson shows off her joyful “Pop-Style” art. Facebook & Ordering

Francesco Piantedosi

Francesco Piantedosi, talented amateur!

Katrina Woollatt

Katrina Woollatt, Emerging Artist

Lois Cobb Stephens

Lois Cobb Stephens, first paintings

Mike Folts

Mike Folts, Aspiring Artist Facebook Page

Courtney Wadey

Courtney Wadey, Cookie Artist Website and Instagram

Veronica Vidaurri

Veronica Vidaurri, Cookier, Budaful Sweets Facebook and Instagram

John Merwin

John Merwin, Artist Website

Mary Syms

Mary Syms, Colored Pencil Artist Facebook

Ann Leech

Ann Leech, Artist, Facebook

Tony Fenn

Tony Fenn, Artist and Blacksmith and

Muntasir Moin

Muntasir Moin, Artist

Lora Duguay

Lora Duguay, Fine Artist

Sally Hewlett Taylor

Sally Hewlett Taylor is an artist living in Surrey who works mainly in watercolour and ink. Website

Kathy Sloan Roberts

Kathy Sloan Roberts, Hobbyist

Nancy Mallo

Nancy Mallo, Emerging Senior Artist

Dr. Stefanie Kappel

Dr. Stefanie Kappel, Artist